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Gas Station and Service Facility

Austin Blvd., Bill WolfIsland Park, NY

This project consisted of renovating an existing gas station. The project included maintain the existing canopy, demolishing the ex-isting attendant kiosk and constructing a new 900sf convenience store along with new curbing, lighting, landscaping and paving.

The project is located in Flood Zone AE and a letter of map revi-sion was written. The underground gasoline tanks had to comply with FEMA flood design regulations, including buoyancy calcula-tions. Further, the project required a CLOMR-F. This is a letter from DHS-FEMA stating that a parcel if land or proposed structure that will be elevated by fill would not be inundated by the base flood if fill is placed on the parcel as proposed or the structure is built as proposed.

Austin Blvd., NYServices included the preparation of all design documents for the project including Site, Utility, Drainage, Building, abd Pump & Tank Plans. Our office also assisted with all the necessary project ap-provals which included Town Board of Appeals for the necessary variances, Nassau County 239F review, Water District, Nassau County Fire Marshal and Town Building Department.

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